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Renewable Solar

Renewable Solar, in Hanford, is locally owned and operated since 2001 with professional experience in the solar industry. We pride ourselves in design and construction of professional solar installations and have a great record of customer satisfaction. All can benefit and be more profitable with power generated by the sun. Let us show you how you can improve your bottom line while going green and making California a better place to live.

Renewable Solar

We are your local Solar Energy provider in the San Joaquin Valley with offices in Hanford, California. Serving Kings, Tulare, and Fresno Counties.

We Are Passionate

We truly believe in our products, in our service and how important it is to switch to renewable energy for our future.

Our Mission

To provide solar energy at the lowest reasonable cost to the home owners, farmers, and businesses that make California a great place to live.

Our Goals

To connect those most in need of solar power with supplies and expertise to make sure they get what they need.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to rising energy costs! With solar energy, you can keep your energy costs consistently low. With every kilowatt-hour that you produce yourself, you pay less to your local energy company. More money saved, which can be used to upgrade your farm to make it more efficient and profitable.



Investing in the future with solar energy has never been easier! Prices have gone down tremendously from 10 years ago. Financing is easier than ever. Solar energy can even get rid of your energy bill completely! If you are producing in excess, you may be able to get paid for selling your energy to the local grid! Contact your local energy company and make the switch! It could be the best investment of your life!



Increase profits by lowering energy overhead. Simple as that. By producing some of your energy on site, you can reduce your energy bills and increase profits! It’s a great investment. No wonder why many leading businesses, from hotels to apartment buildings to warehouses, have started to increase profits with solar power.



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With solar power, you can say goodbye to your inflated electric bills!Learn More

Why Choose Us?

1. Local And Responsive
2. Knowledge
3. Experience With Any Size Project
4. Competitive Pricing
5. Local Owners, Local Crews, Local Business, We Live Here


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